Here are just a few samples of our vision for this project.  In these samples, we have taken 8"x5" index cards and illustrated the judgements that we feel are passed on us, as well as those that we pass on others and ourselves.  The purpose of these illustrations is not only to identify our judgements, but also to understand them so that we can try to fight them on Non-Judgment Day.  If you choose to accept the NJD Challenge, we hope you will submit Judgment Cards of your own or on behalf of your friends.  Submissions are completely anonymous; this is your own personal undertaking and your own journey.  We hope that by posting the Judgment Cards that we receive from you, you will be able to inspire others with your honestly, sincerity, and creativity.
3/28/2012 04:05:15 am

Love this!! Love the honesty, love the courage, love the love that might come out of this project!! Thank you everyone for your cards!!


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