What's the difference?
Does it really matter?
Is my deviance a cause for chatter?

If my actions clearly
Cause no harm
Does it matter if they break the norm?

And what's a norm
But a handy fable,
To tar someone with a nasty label?

And if the norm's
To hurt the others
Does one then get to have his druthers?

Sometimes good
Must suffer loss
Like Jesus hanging on the cross

The powerful
Don't care, you see
RE: Deviance and Normalcy

There are, of course
The ones who do
They'll try to throw the book at you

For misdemeanors
Crimes and sins--
Someone loses, someone wins

As some sit
In the Ivory Tower
And serve the whims of those in power

Judges, priests
And learned professors
Say which is greater, which is lesser

Which is better
Which is worse
Which the blessing, which the curse.

For deviance
Which helps the few
Is "innovative, fresh and new"

Where difference
That helps you and me
Is treason, nonsense, heresy

I leave you
With this final thought
Is it deviance if you don't get caught?

Michael Rizzo, Seattle WA

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