You are as you are, not as you appear to yourself.
Most certainly not as you appear to others.
Others too are as they are, not as they appear to themselves.
Most certainly not as they appear to you.

If unrest is what you seek, reject this truth.
If rest is what you seek, close the door, release all likes and dislikes,
And rest with me for a few moments.

This rest is not sleep, so there is no room for dreams.
I do not promise you peace... not initially.
I promise you pain, unbridled and layered,.
I promise you grief, rage, doubt, self-hatred.
Because, my love, I must show you your mind in order to show you beyond.

This 'mind' of yours is not your truth nor my truth, nor the truth.
It can, no matter how well developed, be cast away with all its judgments
Like clothing tailored out of conditioning and misperception.

Self-undress and you will be here and now.
At a modest but significant distance from the world.
From what those around you covet and dread.

Be as you are, for it is good, whole and reliable.
I praise your essence, not your morality, not your ethics.
I love your essence because I forged it and placed it where it can never be tarnished.

Remember that all you wish to be and all you wish others to be,
All you wish you weren't and all you wish others weren't...
Dissolve when wishing ceases.

I will receive you, now, anytime, and forever.
Whether you are good or bad, respected or reviled, awake or asleep
I will do so whether you change or remain just as you are.

That is my example of Nonjudgment.

Steven Silver
Honolulu, HI

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